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27 Nov What we Learn from Heroes

We were talking at a storytelling workshop this month, about how stories encode and transmit information that teaches us how to behave. I asked people to share favourite characters from the stories of their childhood and to describe the heroes they remembered from recent books...

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19 Nov Helping managers be leaders

Meme was presenting at the AMI Public Sector Summit, in Canberra this week, on creating Collaborative Ambition – tapping into employees’ underlying motivations and channelling that energy to advance the organisation’s goals. We looked at Autonomy, Relatedness and Competence (or Mastery) as key intrinsic drivers. Speaking...

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10 Sep Leading an Entrepreneurial Culture: learnings from pioneers

The conversation at the Leading an Entrepreneurial Culture conference, last Friday in Sydney, brought together leaders of large businesses like Westpac Group, responsible for tapping into the creativity and initiative of thousands of corporate employees, as well as academic and not-for-profit organisations, and innovative mid-size...

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