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26 Jul Design Constraints

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MEME thinking

Recently we were presented with a little challenge – making a short animation for a client in 4 days. We decided that, due to the time constraint and the visual concept, graphic facilitation could be a good solution for the project.

To our delight, the photographer was an ex-barista. With a good dose of caffeine and excitement, we completed both the filming and voiceover in less than a day. Creating the animation was just as engaging as the end result. Capturing illustrations with time-lapse photography is a far more fluid process than creating a completely digital animation. The challenges of technology drop away, and you are left with all the possibilities of pen and paper. Each scene immediately comes to life. There is no need to worry about the difficulties of making a character turn, or panning through a digitally created world. Is it in our nature to look over an artist’s shoulder? Yes. We love watching talented people do their thing. Here we had full permission to spectate.

We came in on time, with a video we are proud of. The client is happy, and we now have another form of visual storytelling under our belt. This left me thinking – if it weren’t for the time constraint, would we have gone down this path? We trial new ways of doing things all the time, but on a repeat project a new approach isn’t always the most apparent course of action. It was the barrier that led us to try something new. Sometimes we need a reason to rule out the usual way of doing things. This was a healthy reminder to embrace barriers that arise – they often end up taking us somewhere delightful.

Lainy Thompson

Studio Manager

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