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18 Jun Discussion modules: too easy!

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To be completely honest, I have always been a pessimist when it comes to role playing… that is, until last week!

 I recently launched a series of Premium Service training sessions to prepare our staff in the lead up to the opening of one of our newly redeveloped shopping centres. There was a diverse group of people attending the training sessions… diverse in age, culture, experience and most significantly their roles (the attendees ranged from centre management staff to maintenance, security and cleaning team members).

The training sessions began with a group discussion around our premium service standards, centre service mission and values. Then using the learnings, we asked staff to put this into action using service scenarios. In groups of 4-5 people, each team was provided with a different scenario and asked as a group to discuss how to take this from good service and give it the ‘wow’ factor. To assist them in the process the groups were also provided with a selection of figurines that acted as a prompt for people and services available in the centre that they could call on or use to lift the level of service. Without prompting, the individual groups began to role play each of the scenarios. Walking between the different groups I was delighted and utterly surprised to see maintenance and security guards acting out the different situations, having fun and exploring the different service options. What I thought was going to be a trying exercise turned out to be full of laughs, was entertaining and most importantly provided the staff with wonderful insights.

While I never thought this would be the case, I am now definitely a convert and a believer in the benefits of role playing to learn and develop! I am happy to admit…. I’ve been proven wrong!

Guest Author - Gabrielle Salter

National Customer Experience Manager, AMP Capital Shopping Centres

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