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25 Sep Don’t tell me, show me

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I was very pleased to see the emphasis on ’the cultural power of reward and recognition’ in the recent Engagement Capability Report, conducted by Altus Q & ReD.

It supports a long-held belief at Meme – that to create culture change you need to not only clearly communicate the desired behaviours to staff, but frequently share stories of staff demonstrating those behaviours across the business as examples of ‘the way things are done around here’.

The report says “…Reward and Recognition is undoubtedly a major contributor to engagement outcomes; delivered well it allows an organisation the opportunity to reinforce and embed desired behaviours..”. At Meme, ‘delivered well’ means choosing stories that contain clear and imitable behaviours, ensuring the stories are visible across the organisation and shared regularly by managers and leaders (not hidden on the intranet where staff have to hunt them out), and telling those stories in a compelling way that engages people to read or watch and discuss them with colleagues.

We’ve seen how recognising and profiling the best examples of desired behaviours can spread those behaviours across a team – making expectations clear, encouraging staff with what’s possible and inspiring everyone to raise the bar.

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