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05 Jul From Personal Experience

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I just met a new brand. This Australian skincare company isn’t actually new, at all, but it took a positive service experience to make the brand relevant to me.

I was already aware of the products; in fact I received some as a gift last Christmas. I remember the cream was nice to use and the packaging made it feel like a premium product, with claims to be ‘natural’ in some way or other. But overall it hadn’t registered in any strong way with me. There are lots of nice skincare brands and many present themselves as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ or something similar.

So I just wandered into the store because I was shopping for gifts and it looked quite appealing: nice décor, good lighting, not too crowded…

I was approached by a young woman who offered to help. She asked good questions: Who were the gifts for? How old was this person? Did they work in an air-conditioned office? Then she recommended some products that seemed specific to my answers.

Above all though, she emphasized the brand’s key messages: pure, natural, quality. To make her point, she told me about the company’s farm in South Australia, where they grow their own ingredients for the products.

“Really?” I said. “What’s the farm like?”

And, to my surprise, she told me.

Apparently the company arranges regular trips to the farm, so that senior, long-standing or high-performing staff can experience it for themselves. She had been last year and could speak personally and credibly about how they make the rose essence I was holding in my hand, as well as about the benefits of crop rotation and the reuse of seeds from one year to the next. She even explained the difference between organic and biodynamic. I confess I forgot that difference almost immediately, but I still remember that she knew.

So I bought product and left happy. And among all the ‘natural’ skincare brands that I’m vaguely aware of, there’s now one I actually believe in.

Kate Messenger

Managing Director

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