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08 Jul The Lean-In Moment

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Last week I was showing off some new induction materials we’re developing for a client.  The materials need to introduce a ‘Customer Promise’ and engage staff in delivering Service Standards that will make that promise real.  But the tricky thing about Service Standards is that they often seem a lot like common sense – coming out from behind the desk to greet a customer, or admitting if we make a mistake. And ‘teaching’ them can feel really patronising to staff.

So instead, we’re building a game.

I explained the strategy and the game structure, and my colleague was nodding thoughtfully.  The moment that mattered, though, was when we came to the mocked-up game screens.  Although I’d explained that we were looking at pdfs, not a live game, she automatically leaned forward and reached for the keyboard.

Now we just have to build the thing.

Kate Messenger

Managing Director

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