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06 Feb What is the Future of Work?

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PSFK’s recently released Future of Work report explores how companies will need to evolve their way of working to meet the changing expectations of their customers.

The goal of the ‘future’ company – to emulate the speed, agility and collaborative nature of nimble start-ups, to respond to the constantly changing market.

The report breaks down the ingredients for creating the future workforce:

  • Culture of constant learning – supported by e-learning technology
  • Empowered culture – where constant feedback and suggestions are welcomed
  • Networked knowledge – collective knowledge base accessible by anyone in the organisation
  • Collaboration – both in person and increasingly online
  • Rapid assembly of interdisciplinary teams that are tailor made to solve specific problems
  • Agile workplaces – environments designed to suit the task being performed

How do you engage your staff to build this future with you?

The good news is that next-generation employees are still motivated by:

  • Being able to show that the world is different when they leave at the end of the day, seeing the impact of their work
  • Interactivity, activity and physicality – experiencing things through all the senses
  • Feeling like you’re helping the world, or the community or customers – 
a connection to the final product*

With “74% of millennial workers either actively searching for a new job or open new opportunities”** , now would be a good time to start creating the future of your workforce.

* Future of Work: A PSFK Labs Report 2012, p20
** CareerBuilder “Candidate Behaviour Study: The Myth of the Passive Job Seeker”, 2012

Hettie Meggison

Senior Engagement Strategist

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